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Model history

  • Ezee Vacuum Cleaner (1914-1919)
  • Vacuette Wireless (1919-1930)
  • The Vacuette Electric (1925-1928)
  • Scott and Fetzer Sanitation System (1928-1934)
  • Kirby Model 1C (1935-1937) Gray and Black
  • Kirby Model 505 (1945-1947) Gray, Black and Red
  • Kirby Model 508 (1948-1949)Gray, Black and Red
  • Kirby Model 509 (1949-1950) Gray, Black and Red
  • Kirby Model 510 (1950-1951) Gray and Red
  • Kirby Model 516 (1956-1957) Gray and Red
  • Kirby Dual - Sanitronic 50 (1965-1967) Sirrocco (Tan)
  • Kirby Dual - Sanitronic 80 (1967-1970) Avacado (Green)

The first model with a substantial redesign was the Kirby Classic.

  • Kirby Classic (1970-1973) Chocolate Brown w/ Gold Bag
  • Kirby Classic Omega (1973-1976) Rosewood Brown w/ Tan bag
  • Kirby Classic III (1976-1979) Red w/ Plaid bag
  • Kirby Tradition (1979-1981) Royal and Navy Blue

The Kirby Tradition was first Kirby model to feature disposable paper bags, notably later than other vacuum manufacturers.

  • Kirby Heritage (1981-1984) Medium Gray and Scarlet Red, the last Kirby to be fitted with the Sani-Emtor and now optional shake-out bag; introduces the Turbo Brush, Turbo Sander, and Turbo Groom
  • Kirby Heritage II (1984-1987) Black and Red w/ Gray and Red Kirby bag; introduces the Zippbrush, smaller rug nozzle and the new "Mini-Emtor"
  • Kirby Heritage II Legend (1987-1989) As Heritage II but with a design on the handle and with "Legend" on the belt lifter
  • Kirby Legend II (1989-1990) Maroon and Black w/ Maroon and Gray Kirby bag, handle design as Heritage II Legend but with new color scheme & with "Legend II" on the handle and the "Kirby" logo on the belt lifter

Another substantial redesign from the ground up, introduces the patented TechDrive Power Assist self-propelled feature which eliminates 90% of the effort required to move the Kirby back and forth.

  • Kirby Generation 3 (1990-1993) Alabaster White and Gray w/ Gray stripes on bag and handle
  • Kirby G4 (1993-1997) Stone Gray and Periwinkle Blue w/ G4 pattern on bag; introduces the patented Micron Magic filtration system
  • Kirby G5 (1997-1999) Burgundy and Gray w/ G5 pattern on bag
  • Kirby GSix, G2000, and G2001 (1999-2002) Black Onyx, Yellow and Gray w/ G Six pattern on bag; introduces the patented and redesigned Micron Magic HEPA filtration system
  • Kirby Ultimate G (2002-2003) Twilight Gray and Yellow w/ Ultimate G pattern on bag
  • Kirby Diamond Edition (2003-2006) Twilight Gray and Yellow w/ Diamond Pattern on bag and handle
  • Kirby Sentria (2006-Present Day) Gray and Red w/ Sentria pattern on bag; different handle shape and belt lifter modification

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